Artist Statement

Art is a great mode of expressing creativity and imagination of an artist. Painting is meditation to me and I consider my creative inclination a wonderful gift to produce artwork that is beautiful, exquisite, striking and has mystical aura. My Inspiration is my inner self and world around me, something that has been true to me since I have gained consciousness. The final transformation of my thoughts on canvas is an attempt to create memory that has a powerful emotional bond and reaches the heart and soul of the viewer.


Painting is a blend of feelings, ideas and concepts. Colors play a very important inspirational role in our life and are a powerful source to positive energy. The beauty of the theme is the form and color that has been used to characterize it.


As an artist, I have explored variety of themes and ideas. The exploration clearly reflects the diversity and escapades of my journey of evolving experience and confidence in my work. Although my paintings differ from one another, yet they carry similarities they have overtime developed into my personal style of creation. Some paintings express different emotions like hope, joy, calmness or motivation while others portrait aesthetic appeal and are communicative and vibrant; full of life.


As there is the circle which often becomes the moon or the sun in cyclic imagery and the square which often shows up as a grid in representation of matrix, so does my connection to the ancient cultures and civilizations that have lived in common spirit with the life forms of my religion. I am sure my paintings will connect you with the ancient and modern world of imagination and brighten up the wall to which one can relate and draw inspiration from.